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Stock# Manufacturer Model Name Cal Price Model Nr.
YT13059G LAZER ARMS XT10-14 20 GA 169.98
MB13060C LAZER ARMS XT10-28 20 GA 169.98
TX13054P LAZER ARMS XO12 12 GA 549.98
VA13065E LAZER ARMS XT11 20" Wood 410 GA 169.98
XE13071D LAZER ARMS XT5 20' Syn 410 GA 169.98
FM13068B LAZER ARMS XT5 14' Syn 410 GA 169.98
RK13062V LAZER ARMS XT11 14" Wood 410 GA 169.98
TV12670X LAZER ARMS XR410 410 GA 819.98