The phone for when there is no cell service

If you spend a fair number of days per year in the bush, you want to consider adding a Satellite Telephone to your gear. It is one thing to SPOT Message that you need help. It's quite another to be able to share precisely what sort of help. Think of specific medical trauma. Prices have come down considerably. Where this sort of equipment was exclusive to well-financed operators in the past, you can now own one and operate one for the price of a few fast food restaurant meals per month. Your life is worth is!

Global Star Phones and Subscriptions - Affordable Pricing

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Satellite Phones

A satellite phone is a type of mobile phone that connects to satellites instead of cell sites. They are a great safety feature to have if you do a lot of outdoor adventuring. Satellite phones allow you to call for help and give specific instructions when you are in an emergency situation and have no cell service. Come in and check out our collection of phones.

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