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Purchase your Fresh Water Fishing License

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Purchase your Fresh Water Fishing License

Purchasing a Freshwater Fishing Licence is important. It’s important because it allows BC to keep track of the number of fishers in our Province. This helps them to calculate the number of fish being harvested, which helps BC guard the preservation of our fish. You can purchase your BC fishing licence at a store (Mountain Man Outdoors carries fishing licences) or online at the following link: http://www.fishing.gov.bc.ca/.

To buy a licence online...

  • A computer connected to the internet.
  • A printer to print your licence.
  • A valid credit card number.
  • And an angler number (you can also get this online [same link or web page]).

It’s very simple, so please do your part in preserving our fish.

When out and fishing, do make pictures and share them with us!