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Difference Between Trout and Salmon

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Difference Between Trout and Salmon

Are you able to easily distinguish the difference between a trout and a salmon? Below the picture are a few key differences between a Sea Trout and a Chinook Salmon.


The first difference is between the tails. Salmon have a concave tail while the tail of a Trout is square sometimes even convex.


Another big difference is in the body markings. Salmon have very few markings/spots below their lateral line. Trout, on the other hand, have a large number of markings below their lateral line.


Salmon have a narrow tail base with a noticeable wrist. The wrist being the part of the body that connects to the tail. Trout have a wide tail base and their wrist is not very noticeable.

The following guide is a Salmon and Trout identification guide