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Expert Tips on Canada Geese Hunting

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Expert Tips on Canada Geese Hunting

To find the best ways to limit out on Canada geese, we asked of the country's top hunters to share their tips

It's been tough hunting. With the season now several weeks old, the local geese have grown shy of decoys and calls, and the northern flights are overdue. Now it's day's end, and the hunters have gathered at their cabin, just as they have on many Saturdays for many seasons, to talk about the fields they hunted and the tricks they dug up to take their limit. Tomorrow is a no-hunting day in their neck of the woods, so there's no need to rise long before the sun does. As the night wears on, the talk grows more animated and the hunters delve deeper into their passion for hunting Canada geese.

And so it goes in hunt camps across the land each fall. Now imagine if the hunters in question were among the country's top Canada goose experts. What would they discuss? What secrets would they share? To find out, we gathered the collective wisdom of five of the best goose hunters out there. Think of it as a virtual hunt-camp round table—and you're invited.

Read the tips here: http://www.outdoorcanada.ca/top-5-goose-hunting-secrets.