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Books on Fly Fishing

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Books on Fly Fishing

Wouldn't you like to sit down and read up some more on Fly Fishing? Sitting at the feet of those who know the art like the back of their hand? Come to our store for a fine selection of books and DVDs, or check out these top sellers online.

The Orvis Ultimate Book of Fly Fishing

This book is a grand tour of the world of fly-fishing strategies and techniques, from Orvis's world-famous team of experts and advisers. In large format with rich and helpful color photos and drawings, the book covers everything from basic fishing knots and casts to expert techniques you won't see in standard books.

Stillwater Fly Fishing For Trout: Proven Methods, Techniques and Tricks for Catching More Trout in Lakes, Reservoirs and Ponds

A very short and concise read, this book gets right to the point and teaches you how catch stillwater trout.

The Orvis Guide to Prospecting for Trout

Written for both the novice and the seasoned angler, The Orvis Guide to Prospecting for Trout, New and Revised explores how trout live and feed, and how to make them strike.

The Fishing Bible

Understand fishing disciplines conclusively - selecting the required gear, fishing techniques for each water type and more.